Amazon Needs People To Work From Home In 2022

Amazon Needs People To Work From Home . 

There are very varied positions that you can develop from anywhere in the world, although sometimes it may require you to be in a certain place or time zone. This is quite common in remote locations. 


The reason is that they can seek to provide service throughout the day in each of the time slots or that you need to be synchronized with your work team and it is generally easier when the time differences are not so great. 


However, there are job offers to work remotely from home , or anywhere in the world at Amazon.


At Amazon they call them virtual opportunities and although it is not available in all regions, there are quite a few opportunities to work remotely.


There are different types of employment, such as full-time (most) work-from-home, part-time, and seasonal work-from-home.

So if you are looking to know how to work from home for Amazon, keep reading.


Access Offers To Work From Home With Amazon

All positions are listed on this web portal .


Virtual Amazon is geared towards talented international candidates who are qualified to work remotely and are qualified to work at Amazon.


Although they have offices in more and more countries, there are many where they are not present, so if you live in one of those locations and would like to work remotely, you can apply.

If you dedicate yourself to any aspect related to AWS, you will have it much easier since many profiles are required to support the marketing or sale of your AWS platform for companies.

AWS was born to support all Amazon processes.


Some Examples Of Positions Currently Seeking

AWS Partner Trainer. Oriented to onboarding new partners where adult training skills are required, being willing to travel and use video conferencing all day. Technical profile. Many technical profiles love the subject of training. It’s a good example.


Customer service from home. Respond to customer service requests via chats, emails and helping to provide good customer service.


Partner Manager for the public sector. A very niche position, for example, that focuses on managing partners that are dedicated to the public sector. Difficult sector where you have to evangelize about the product, handle objections, etc.


AWS Solutions Architect.

If you enjoy helping clients implement innovative cloud computing solutions and solve technical problems, you would have plenty of rope here to extend your working life to infinity. They ask that you be familiar with security best practices for servers, applications, and networks. 


As a Solutions Architect within AWS, you will have the opportunity to help shape and deliver a strategy for building broad use of Amazon’s utility computing web services (for example, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS RDS, and AWS Cloud Front). ) directly with customers and our ecosystem of system integrators and solution providers.


Here it is about making a discovery with the client and proposing the best way to use the different parts of Amazon within a project. 


In the end, you have to be a great expert in the client’s architecture, but in the end all that work is usually done by specialized partners, which is a very attractive position because you exploit the technical knowledge you have about Amazon products very well, but the implementation In the end, it is generally done by a specialized partner, so what you have to contribute is your technical vision of the solution to build an architecture suitable for the client’s use case.

As for the requirements, they ask for at least 2 years of practical software development, operations, DevOps engineering or systems architecture and 10 years of experience in business systems.


Senior Cloud Infrastructure Architect – Compute Specialist

This senior position is quite challenging. The first for specialization in computing.

It refers to contributing to the computing team to solve the most complex computing challenges worldwide today.

Here again commercial acumen is valued (this would be for another article) but with deep technical knowledge. 

Companies fight over these profiles. 


They ask for hands-on experience with traditional physical servers and virtualization, as well as cloud computing technologies. 

Experience working with clients is required to demonstrate and explain the solutions that have been implemented. 


Client meetings can include client roles between developers, IT professionals, managers and executives.

The reason is that in addition to having technical knowledge, the commercial skills of the candidate will weigh heavily. Presentations, meetings and “selling” solutions based on AWS will be your daily bread. 

The interesting thing is that these types of positions are focused on large accounts so in the end, you learn a lot about the clients’ businesses and get some great contacts.

Here they ask for a lot of experience in the Enterprise segment and the technologies used in it. 

  • Knowledge of AWS with deep implementation experience with EC2, Autoscoring, Spot Instances, Lambda, HPC, and GPUs

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience or 10+ years of experience in Architecture

  • Hands-on experience designing, developing, and deploying enterprise software at scale or current hands-on experience in technology infrastructure, networking, computing, storage, and virtualization

  • Experience with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile/Iterative methodologies required.

  • Integration of cloud services with local technologies from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, SAP, etc.

  • Experience with IT compliance and risk management requirements (e.g. security, privacy, SOX, HIPAA, etc.)

  • Infrastructure automation using scripting/coding (eg shell, Python, Ruby, PowerShell)

  • Linux and Windows based system administration skills in a cloud or virtualized environment

  • Here the requirements for the position are as follows:

  • Hands-on experience implementing Docker-based architectures using ECS, EKS, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, etc. Strong track record of deploying AWS services in a variety of distributed computing environments.

  • Practical experience implementing server less architectures with AWS Lambda, SAM, or similar.

  •  Available and fault tolerant enterprise and web scale software implementations.

  • Large scale migration experience Data Center to Data Center and/or Data Center to Cloud.

  • Configuration management using Cloud Formation, Chef & Puppet

  • Experience managing data center operations, including data assurance, monitoring, alerts, and notifications

  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges.


Strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to work effectively with clients, as well as internal and external organizations and virtual teams, are a must for these types of roles.


In addition to those mentioned above, there are positions to work from home at Amazon in the teams of:


Sales, Advertising and Account Management, Project / Program / Product Management, Logistics and Operations Management, Training and Leadership Development, Operations Engineering, Systems and Support, Customer Service, Human Resources, Editorial Management, Writing and Content.

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About Amazon

Amazon employs nearly 92,000 employees worldwide. The company has offered part-time, seasonal, and remote work opportunities in the past. 


In addition to corporate employment, fulfilment centers, and university jobs, Amazon maintains a work-from-home program designed to serve eager international candidates qualified to work remotely. 


These past jobs also include opportunities in account management, customer service, and retail.


As you can see, apart from what we may think in relation to the package delivery logistics operation, there are many possibilities to work from home at Amazon. 


Note: Amazon uses listings for general positions. This means that a single job profile can represent a substantial number of openings, potentially recruiting hundreds or thousands of candidates for a single ad.


More possibilities to work from home

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Finally, we recommend that you read the article on companies that work 100% remotely . 

They are all references in relation to “ remote first ” as the main option. 

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